The reunification of the Parthenon Marbles

A European concern

1re édition 2014

Patricia van Gene-Saillet

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The Parthenon is far more than a unique historical building, the national symbol of Greece and the highest cultural accomplishment of its people. It is also a major monument of European civilization and a powerful reminder of mankind’s enduring values of democracy, freedom and personal liberty, and as such has long been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The authors of this book stress that the Parthenon Marbles should be reunited in their original geographical and cultural context. They underline the uniqueness of this restitution claim which concerns the reunification of the architectural parts of a symbolic monument and therefore does not constitute a precedent.

Prof. Sidjanski sums up the very rich and diverse approaches of the authors: « At a time when Europe is striving to bring together the States and peoples divided for so long by the twists and turns of history, it is all the more important that we reunite the scattered pieces of this major monument of our European and Western cultural heritage, returning them to their home within sight of the Acropolis».

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  • Preserving the integrity of our shared European and world heritage
  • The return of the Parthenon Marbles : A moral obligation
  • Europe and the Parthenon Marbles : A common cause
  • Who owns the past? The Parthenon Marbles in a European context
  • The Parthenon Marbles – An opportunity to foster cultural unity in a divided world
  • Uniting what belongs together
  • A Southern European perspective on the Parthenon Marbles
  • The Acropolis Museum : The ideal home for the reunited Marbles
  • The Parthenon and Europe
  • The second step on a long journey
  • The Parthenon Sculptures : It’s about liberty, too
  • A unique case calling for a unique solution
  • The Parthenon Marbles. Where should their home be? Six conflicting views and their possible resolution
  • Public and international support for the reunification of the Parthenon Marbles

Liste des contributeurs

Sous la direction de

  • Patricia van Gene-Saillet

Autres collaborateurs

L'ouvrage rassemble les contributions de : Hans Henrik Brummer, Maurice Davies, Tom Flynn, Louis Godart, Rodi Kratsa, Jo Leinen, Miguel A. Martínez M., Fabrizio Micalizzi, Cléopâtre Montandon, Eddie O’Hara, Henry Porter, Dusan Sidjanski, Bernard Tschumi, Patricia van Gene-Saillet, Androulla Vassiliou.







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Novembre 2014

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Collection du centre européen de la culture




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