Practical Handbook on European Financial Passports

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1ste editie 2019

Ronan Le Bouc

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Since the creation of the European market, EU financial regulators have set up a unique model of different passports for financial products and services. The EU concept of the financial passport has been a real innovation in the realm of international finance. This advanced legal tool is becoming more and more important in the world fund industry.

This book is the first to address this topic. It is a unique reference work that gives a holistic view of the development of the financial passport inside and outside the EU. As a concise handbook, it offers a clear idea of the concept and reviews all financial passports throughout the world. It also assists the reader in using the relevant passports by providing quick access to various legal references.
In addition, it offers a historical overview of different financial passports and describes the evolution of the operational processing and its impact on the value chain.

Moreover, this version contains a specific part dedicated to third countries, including paths that might be used after the Brexit.

The book is intended for lawyers, students and those wishing to expand their knowledge.

The author is a senior consultant to a major European banking group. As part of business management studies in Paris and New York, he developed a forwardlooking vision for financial passports and has notably supported South American financial regulatory authorities. He established, among others, a dedicated global passport service with a capacity of more than five hundred administrated financial vehicles. In line with regulatory developments, particularly in the EU, he is supporting founders of important funds who are interested in using passports to gain a competitive advantage and grow faster.

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Important notice
Chapitre I. Concepts of financial passport and investment fund
Chapitre II. European financial passports
Chapitre III. Other financial passports for investment funds around the world
Appendices European financial passport linked to investment funds


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