Internationalisation of SMEs

How to succeed abroad ?

1ste editie 2012

Kris Boschmans, Sylvain Bouyon, Frédéric Lernoux +

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The international development of SMEs is an important growth vehicle for the Belgian and European economies. Yet far too few of them actually dare to take the step required. Does this mean to say that they should see internationalisation as a given? No, of course not! Internationalisation has a significant impact on companies’ decision-making and managerial processes. The risks involved need to be covered and the right form of funding found. There are numerous public measures in place aimed at supporting businesses in their efforts.

The aim of “The Internationalisation of SMEs” is to inform business-owners about the various aspects of internationalisation and to provide them with practical answers about the ways they can find funding and cover themselves against the risks they incur. It also draws up a list of the public support measures designed to support Belgian SMEs in their projects abroad.

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Korte inhoud


Part 1 – SMEs facing internationalization

1. The various forms of internationalization
2. The internationalization of SMEs: A SWOT analysis
3. The implications of internationalization on the management process of the SME

Part 2 – Financial aspects of internationalization

4. Funding SMEs in the context of internationalization
5. Payment instruments for international transactions
6. International methods of payment
7. Covering risks

Part 3 – Public measures sustaining the internationalization of SMEs

8. Public measures in Brussels
9. Public measures in Flanders
10. Public measures in Wallonia
11. Public measures at the federal level
12. Aid from the European institutions

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Lijst van alle medewerkers


  • Kris Boschmans : Economist at the Belgian Knowledge Center for SME Financing
  • Sylvain Bouyon : PhD in Economics
  • Frédéric Lernoux : Managing director of the Belgian Knowledge Center for SME Financing
  • Isabelle Martin : Economist at the Belgian Knowledge Center for SME Financing
  • Didier Van Caillie : Professor, Director of the Center for Research on Corporate Performance

Préface de

  • Antonio Tajani : Vice-président de la Commission européenne, chargé de l’industrie et de l’entreprenariat
  • Rudi Thomaes : Président de la FEB/Voorzitter van VBO








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