Handbook of European Environmental Law

1ste editie 2018

Patrick Thieffry

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This handbook proposes an introduction to the EU’s Environmental Law and it is thus primarily intended for students, legal practitioners and environment-specialized engineers and other technicians.

European environmental law remains strongly under the influence of its initial market-oriented legal framework in spite of the progress accomplished by the common environmental policy.
Environmental governance and management operate within a complex primary law framework, within which conciliation must be made between economical and environmental objectives around such concepts as the quest for a high level of protection and sustainable development.

A description of that decisive institutional framework provides the starting point for a synthetic and dynamic presentation of the hundreds of secondary law measures which provide parameters for human activities, from the main areas of natural environments to the objects impacting thereon, the means to implement them or economic instruments such as greenhouse gas emission allowances ou the producer’s responsibility extended to the end-oflife of his products. As to the integration of environmental requirements into other policies, it resolves arising conflicts with market rules and sectorial policies, especially in the agricultural, transports, energy and health areas.

This handbook includes a description of the impact of the Paris Agreement on climate change on EU law, including the two “legislative packages” and the new “Governance of the Energy Union“ proposed by the Commission.

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Korte inhoud

Table of abbreviations

Preliminary part – Institutional framework of the environmental policy
Chapter I. – Scope of environmental law
Chapter II. – Implementation of the environmental competence
Chapter III. – Principles of the environmental policy

Part one – Rules applicable to the natural environment areas
Chapter IV. – Air
Chapter V. – Water
Chapter VI. – Natural habitats, fauna & flora

Part two – Objects having an impact on the environment
Chapter VII. – Waste
Chapter VIII. – Noise producing equipment and activities
Chapter IX. – Hazardous substances and organisms

Part three – Non sectorial legislation
Chapter X. – The so-called “integrated” measures
Chapter XI. – Public information and participation

Part four – Economic and tax instruments
Chapter XII. – Forced internalisation
Chapter XIII. – Voluntary commitments
Chapter XIV. – Environmental liability

Part five – Integration of environmental protection requirements in other policies
Chapter XV. – European internal market
Chapter XVI. – Competition rules
Chapter XVII. – The common agricultural policy
Chapter XVIII. – Environment and transports
Chapter XIX. – The energy policy
Chapter XX. – Human health and the environment







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