Preventing Corruption and Promoting good Government and Public Integrity

1re édition 2017

Agustí Cerrillo i Martínez , Juli Ponce

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In order to prevent corruption and promote good government and public integrity, new mechanisms have been put into force in the last decade to face the limitations and the inefficiency of the reactive approach to corruption and maladministration.

Administrative law plays an important role in preventing corruption by regulating institutions to encourage good governance and good administration, improve transparency, promote ethical values among public officials, prevent conflicts of interest and avoid their transformation into corruption.

In this book, renowned experts from several countries analyse the regulation of transparency, public ethics, conflict of interest prevention, lobby activity, political financing, good government, good administration and accountability in present times. From a general point of view, it is also examined the role of regulation and mechanisms to improve its quality to prevent corruption.

The book highlights the possibilities and the limits of Administrative law to improve the fight against corruption and to promote good government and public integrity and it explores the role of transdisciplinarity in the regulation of tools to prevent and fight against corruption.

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Table of contents
Chapter 1. Public transparency as a tool to prevent corruption in public administration
Chapter 2. The Right to Good Administration and the role of Administrative Law in promoting good government
Chapter 3. Understanding and preventing corruption: a regulatory approach
Chapter 4. A behavioural approach to administrative corruption prevention
Chapter 5. Better regulation to prevent corruption: The Corruption Impact Assessment (CIA)
Chapter 6. Risk-based approaches towards corruption prevention
Chapter 7. Corruption and Conflict of Interest: Some Comparative Comments
Chapter 8. Lobby Regulation To Prevent Corruption
Chapter 9. Public Ethics and the Prevention of Corruption
Chapter 10. Plutocracy and Partyocracy: The Corruption of Liberal and Social Democracies
Chapter 11. Fight against corruption in Italy
Epilogue: What can a transdisciplinary approach to corruption contribute to administrative law?


Liste des contributeurs

Onder de redactie van

  • Agustí Cerrillo i Martínez
  • Juli Ponce

Autres collaborateurs

This book contains the contributions of : Jean-Bernard Auby, Enrico Carloni, Agustí Cerrillo-i-Martínez, Maria de Benedetto, Luca Di Donato, Timothy Kirpal Kuhner, Livia Lorenzoni, Francesco Merloni, Anthony D. Molina, Benedetto Ponti, Juli Ponce and Nicoletta Rangone.







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Mai 2017

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Droit administratif / Administrative law




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