Joint Public Procurement and Innovation

Lessons Across Borders

1re édition 2019

Gabriella Margherita Racca, Christopher Yukins

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Innovation in public procurement is essential for sustainable and inclusive growth in an increasingly globalized economy. To achieve that potential, both the promises and the perils of innovation must be investigated, including the risks and opportunities of joint procurement across borders in the European Union and the United States.

This in-depth research investigates innovation in public procurement from three different perspectives. First, leading academics and practitioners assess the purchase of innovation, with a particular focus on urban public contracting in smart cities involving meta-infrastructures, public-private partnership arrangements and smart contracts. A second line of inquiry looks for ways to encourage innovative suppliers. Here, the collected authors draw on emerging lessons from the US and Europe, to explore both the costs and the benefits of spurring innovation through procurement.

A third perspective looks to various innovations in the procurement process itself, with a focus on the effects of joint and cross-border procurement in the EU and US landscapes. The chapters review new technologies and platforms, the increasingly automated means of selecting suppliers, and the related efficiencies that “big data” can bring to public procurement.

Expanding on research in the editors’ prior volume, Integrity and Efficiency in Sustainable Public Contracts: Balancing Corruption Concerns in Public Procurement Internationally (Bruylant 2014), this volume builds on a series of academic conferences and exchanges to address these issues from sophisticated academic, institutional and practical perspectives, and to point the way to future research on the contractual models that are emerging from new procurement technologies.

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Authors and editors
Introduction. The Promise and Perils of Innovation in Cross-Border Procurement

Part I. Crossborder Procurement and Innovation
Chapter 1. Process Innovation Under the New Public Procurement Directives
Chapter 2. Cooperative Purchasing: A US Perspective
Chapter 3. European Joint Cross-border Procurement and Innovation
Chapter 4. The Relevance of Promoting Collaborative and Joint Cross Border Procurement for Buying Innovative Solutions

Part II. Smart Cities and Procurement
Chapter 5. Smartness and the Cities
Chapter 6. Public Contracts and Smart Cities
Chapter 7. Procurement and Smart Cities: Exploring Examples on Both Sides of the Atlantic
Chapter 8. From Works Contracts to Collaborative Contracts: The Challenges of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in public procurement

Part III. Encouraging Innovation
Chapter 9. Public Procurement as a Strategy for the Development of Innovation Policy
Chapter 10. State Aid and Procurement for Research, Development and Innovation
Chapter 11. The U.S. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program: A Comparative Assessment
Chapter 12. Innovation Partnerships: Purpose, Scope of Application and Key Elements of a New Instrument of Strategic Procurement

Part IV. Innovation in the Procurement Process
Chapter 13. Innovation in the Evaluation of Public Procurement Systems
Chapter 14. The Pursuit of Streamlined Purchasing: Commercial Items, E-Portals, and Amazon
Chapter 15. Preliminary Market Consultations in Innovative Procurement: A Principled Approach and Incentives for Anticompetitive Behaviors
Chapter 16. On the Non-tariff Barriers Obstructing Free Trade in the Transatlantic Defense Procurement Market
Chapter 17. Electronic Means as an Approach to Public Purchasing
Chapter 18. A Qualitative Step from e-Communication to e-Procurement: the Estonian e-Procurement Model
Chapter 19. An overview of innovative procurement in Eastern Europe
Chapter 20. The New Asian Development Bank Procurement Policy and Regulations: Promoting Innovation in Public Procurement in Asia?
Chapter 21. Innovation in Public Procurements in the Egyptian PPP Legislation (With reference to PPP Legislation in Dubai and Kuwait)
Chapter 22. Autonomy and Innovation in Italian Regional Procurement: the Sicilian Case
Chapter 23. Innovation in the Public Procurement Process in Armenia: A Strategy for EU Integration

Liste des contributeurs

Sous la direction de

  • Gabriella Margherita Racca
  • Christopher Yukins

Autres collaborateurs

This book contains the texts of: A. Asatryan, J.-B. Auby, M. Borodina, R. Cavallo Perin, L. Diesing, G.M. Di Giuda, D. Dragos, G.F. Ferrari, L. Folliot-Lalliot, J.M. Gimeno Feliu, M. Ismail, J. Kaufman, C. Kronke, I. Locatelli, P. Magina, P.T. McKeen, A. Miño Lopez, J. Molino, M. Pignatti, S. Ponzio, G.M. Racca, B. Racolta, A. Romeo, C. Santerre-Funderburg, D. Schoeni, M.A. Simovart, P. Valcarcel Fernandez, Ch. R. Yukins.







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