Business Government relations and social enterprises

Lessons and Experiences from South-Eastern Europe

1re édition 2016

Bogdan Berceanu, Lucica Matei, Marco Meneguzzo +

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The first part focuses on the analysis upon the trends within the processes of modernization and development of public administration systems at European level. The five contributions refer to the reference theoretical background of comparative public administration, which represent a prior research axis of EGPA-GEAP and PSGs (Permanent Study Groups), which adopt for some years this thematic, especially the book of G. Bouckaert and C. Pollitt regarding the comparative analysis of public management reforms (strategic directions and intervention domains).

The second part of the work deals with the “Business-government relationship” (BGR) from a point of view that integrates innovative and original traditional BGR’s perspective, focused on the relationship between profit-oriented private companies, financial intermediaries and national and local government, with the relationship between the government and the non-profit sector.

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List of contributors

Part I – Modernization Process of Public Administration in South-Eastern Europe
I – Relevance of Western European Public Administration Reform on Transition Countries – Who Learns What from Whom?
II – Trajectories of Public Sector Modernization and Reform in Italy and Romania
III – The Dimension of Emerging Administrations under European Union Rules . A Comparison of the Balkan States
IV – Public Administration Reforms in Transition Countries : Albania and Romania between the Weberian Model and the New Public Management

Part II – Social Enterprises and Social Responsibility : an Emerging Position in South-Eastern Europe
I – Social Enterprise – an Important Pillar in Producing and Providing Public Goods and Services
II – Government –Third Sector Interactions : the State of the Art from the Italian Context
III – 1+1=3: How Can Social Innovation Change Cultures and Create Public Value? Experiences in Southern European Countries
IV – CSR and the Influence on Public Administration







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Mai 2016

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  • Bogdan Berceanu
  • Lucica Matei
  • Marco Meneguzzo
  • Cristina Mititelu